Story Corps

I think Story Corps is very informative in discovering some insights about a persons history. Its a great way to know more about peoples lives and realizing all the hardships they went through. It makes me appreciate what I have today. In all Story Corps is a great story teller because you know everything is true or could happen in real life.


Strange Fruit

In class today I listened to a biography about the lynching that happened in 1930 in Maryland Indian. Three black teenagers, 19, 18 and 16 were accused of killing a white factory worker and rapping his girlfriend . They were sent to jail then forcefully taken out of jailed and hanged except for the 16 year old. There was a huge mob taking part in this lynching which fulled the mob. It started off as rumors no one was sure whether they were true or not that these three individuals committed these crimes. But someone had to pay so they blamed it on three black people.

Hobbart Experience

I think the video “The Hobart Experience” is a great lesson on how to teach kids and turn mischievous students into academically successful students. Ray, the teacher in the video displayed unique ways of teaching which prove to be working through the results of his students. One thing I thought made Ray standout from the rest is he has multicultural lessens that teaches kids to appreciate there culture and who they are as, race and ethnicity


My first impression on the reading “Termites” was about a guy trying to rid his house of termites. I thought it was going to be all about bugs and fumigating someones house but I was wrong. The setting actually took place in Oahu. It included lots of local slang and culture. The main characters wife writes columns for the newspaper and she writes about how unclean there neighbors are. They do things such as throwing beer cans in there yard and parking there boat to close to other cars. He advises his wife not to write about there neighbors in fear of retaliation. After there neighbors had read the news column written about them they confronted the main character and his wife. This surprised me. The 2 couples all ended up just talking story and the neighbors said they have realized the errors of there ways. What both wives agreed on was that they just want whats best for there family.